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Today, Geoff and Susan Cole continue to own and operate Cole-Munro out of St. Thomas, Ontario, maintaining the tradition of fresh, locally produced and processed Rainbow Trout and strong family values.

Fresh Cole-Munro Trout is both delicate and versatile. It can be baked, grilled, broiled, deep fried, pan fried, poached and even micro-waved. Naturally low in sodium and calories and high in protein, vitamins and minerals, heart-healthy omega-3 and anti-oxidants

The secret to Cole-Munro Trout is based on 3 essential criteria; pristine and abundant cool freshwater, natural and hearty rainbow trout, and a natural diet of marine nutrients.

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5 Barrie Blvd, St. Thomas, ON, N5P 4B9

(519) 637-6396