Rainbow trout is not only delicious, but also a nutritious choice! Our product helps maintain your brain function, immune system, and bones.

Rainbow trout is one of the most nutritious proteins to serve your family. Our trout is:

Dye Free

We do not use dyes to obtain the bright pink colour of fish. Our feed contains low doses of synthetic astaxanthin, which is the same pigment trout consume in nature that gives their muscles their colour. Astaxanthin is a strong antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory properties and helps boost your immune system.

Low in mercury

The concentration of mercury found in fish tissues is the direct result of the fish’s diet. One of the benefits to raising our fish is that we can have complete control over what goes into the feed, allowing us to ensure low mercury concentrations. The FDA and Government of Canada have created guidelines prohibiting mercury levels in rainbow trout to exceed 0.678ppm and 0.5ppm, respectively.


Our trout are raised and farmed with the highest safety standards. Environmental impurities in our feed and fish are considerably lower than the limits set by the food safety authorities.


Rainbow trout is a nutrient rich protein source that contains healthy fats like Omega-3 and many key vitamins and minerals that are important to a balanced diet.


We provide jobs to local communities, harvest only as needed, and take pride in our commitment to protecting the environment.

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